BOMBARDIER, the first Organic Biofertilizer of lastest Generation. This is an exclusive product of Kimitec Group.

Bombardier is a new concept of amino acid because it provides all the benefits of a specific aminogram (designed specifically to do what it does), the complexing power of fulvic acids (complexing micronutrients) and Organic Matter (microbial flora regeneration). The result is the sum of the effect of amino acids (18% w/v), Fulvic acids (30% w/v) , Organic Matter (70% w/v) and Polysaccharides. To obtain optimal results, the product also contains elements such as P, Fe, K, betaines, proteins, enzymes, auxins and vitamins.

BOMBARDIER provides optimal results in ripening, overcoming stress situation, vegetative development, increases fruit’s size and quality and improves soil structure.


5 Ltr. Can

20 Ltr. Can

CAOS is a product with a high concentration of calcium (27% w/v) that prevents and corrects possible calcium deficiencies in all types of crops. Its special formulation, with lignosulphonated compounds and gluconic acid, allows 100% of the Calcium to be complexed.

With Caos, you get excellent development of roots, stems, buds and fruit, and any organ in growth.

Specially indicated to avoid ̈bitter pit ̈ in apple, ̈leaf necrosis ̈ in lettuce or “blossom end rot ̈ in cucumber.


5 Ltr. Can

20 Ltr. Can


Plantacote® is developed in Germany. The state-of-the-art product sets new quality standards in controlled release fertilizers. This is valid for the nutrient composition, the nutrient release and the coating quality.

To ensure the crop safety, our products are subjected to the strictest quality controls. Plantacote® is manufactured from selected and high-quality raw materials. The raw granule is subjected to strict chemical and physical controls before being released for coating.

Each Plantacote® fertilizer granule contains all of the essential nutrients for optimal plant growth. This ensures a homogenous distribution of all nutrients in the growing media.

The coating process is computer-monitored and any irregularities are reported when the strictly set limits are exceeded. Before a batch (approx. 500 kg of the coated product) is released for bag-filling, it goes through an extensive control test in the laboratory. Usinga specially developed method the ‘Hot water test’ (European standard), the coating quality of each batch is tested and compared with the quality requirements. Within only 20 hours in boiling water, the rapid lab test provides a distinct assessment of the release characteristic. The diagram shows the narrow release limits (coloured areas) of selected longevities of Plantacote®.

Available Products:

  • Plantacote Pluss 4M (14-9-15-2MgO + micro) 3-5 months release.
  • Plantacote Pluss 6M (14-9-15-2MgO + micro) 5-7 months release.
  • Plantacote Pluss 8M (14-8-15-2MgO + micro) 7-9 months release.
  • Plantacote Supra P 6M (14-25-6 + 0.02 B + micro) 5-7 months release.


25 Kg bags.


FRUCTON is a water-soluble dust with the micro-elements Boron and Molybdenum.

Fructon is an excellent bio stimulant to increase the fruit size and weight.

FRUCTON also improves the blossom quality and avoids flower drop.

  • Better fruit quality and size.
  • More flowers.
  • Cracking prevention..
  • Better quantity and quality production..


1 Kg Container