Imported from Europe, 100% peat.

It is a special substrate for seedling nursery, starting with seeds or cuttings.

Main Features

  • Composed by 70% of brown peat and 30% of black peat (Sphagnum). The origin of the peat are KEKKILAS peatbogs in northern Europe, that is the reason of the high homogeneity and quality of the substrate.
  • Brown peat provides more porosity and better aereation of the roots and black peat offers a better nutrient solution retention. The mixture of these raw materials ensures a healthy development of the seedlings.
  • Suitable for vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees, tobacco, etc.


  • Maxi Bales with 250-280 ltr final yield.
  • Big Bales with 5200-5500 ltr final yield.