Organic soluble amendment to apply with irrigation water. Composed of the best part of the humic complex, imported from Germany, with a very high humic and fulvic acids concentration.

How It Works

  • POW HUMUS improves the soil structure, aeration and water retention.
  • The humic complex unblocks the nutrients in the soil and makes it available for the plants.
  • POW HUMUS increases microbial activity in the soil and reduces its salinity.
  • It improves ion exchange and produces chelating effect.
  • This product improves fertilization efficiency and plant nutrition.

POW HUMUS is special for horticulture, floriculture, ornamentals, lawn, fruit crops, berries, etc.


Humic acids: 80-85%

Potassium: 10-12%

Iron: 1%

Others: 1.1%

Water solubility 100%

Density: 0.55kg/L

CIC: 400-600 meq/100g

PH: 9-10.5


1 Kg. bags

25 Kg. bags