These products produced by SAB in Italy, are an excellent tool to achieve the greatest efficiency in utilization of irrigation water. MAGO in 150 and 200 microns and BLUE LITE in 125 microns.

Main Features

  • Continuous labyrinth with broad section and turbulent flow.
  • The entrances to the labyrinth act as pre-filters to reduce risk of clogging.
  • Protected emitters.
Emiiter distance 10, 20 and 30 cm
Diameter 16 mm
Emitter flow rate 1 lt/h
Tape lengths 122 m (emitter spacing 10 cm)
184 m (emitter spacing 20 cm)
236 m (emitter spacing 30 cm)
Wall thickness 125, 150 and 200 microns
Coil length 3500 m (125 microns)
3000 m (150 microns)
Working pressure 0,7 bar
Maximum pressure 0,9 bar

IMPORTANT: The right filtration of water defines a perfect working of the tapes (min. 150 mesh).

We recommend using our tape connectors and valves.