This tray was designed for hydroponic production of green fodder, allowing the germination of wheat, barley, oats and corn. The transformation of 600-700 grs of seed in 4-5 kg of forage biomass in only 15 days is possible. Suitable for cattle and poultry.

The external size of the trays is 28cm x 54.5cm and the height is 5 cm. At the base this tray has two guides to slide on tense wires or solid shelves. So it is possible to produce in 4-5 shelves modules to make an efficient use of space. At one side of the shelves the system start with trays with the pre-germinated seeds and at the other end of the shelves the trays with green fodder are ready to be consumed.

The fodder tray is also suitable for other uses like carry tray for ING CARLUCCIO plug trays, nursery tray for small seeds plants or carry tray for pots.


70 units / box